Business Growth
With decades of experience in business development, Houdek specialises in helping companies identify and seize growth opportunities. He uses a holistic approach to enhance competitive edge and drive sustainable growth. His methods include detailed market analysis, strategic planning, and practical implementation.
01 Market Analysis

Comprehensive research to identify market trends and opportunities.

Development of customised growth strategies.

Hands-on assistance to ensure the successful execution of growth plans.

Regular review and adjustment of strategies to achieve desired outcomes.

Expanding into new markets requires a deep understanding of local dynamics and strategic foresight. Houdek assists businesses in navigating the complexities of international expansion, providing insights and strategies that minimise risks and maximise potential. His extensive network and expertise ensure clients can confidently enter new markets and establish a strong presence.

Analysis and planning for entering new markets.

Guidance on local regulations and compliance requirements.

Identifying and fostering relationships with local partners.

Strategies to effectively position the business in the new market.

Advice on adapting business practices to local cultures and consumer behaviour.

Other Services

Business Network Growth

Sale/Exit of Businesses

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